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In The Dirt Instructors will be emphasizing the following points of emphasis in their instruction.


  • Hands are key!
  • Less is more when taking the front foot step
  • Power "V"
  • Flashlight
  • Perfect the small things - Drills
  • Upward explosion of the back foot
  • Back Spin - Hitters dream
  • Kill the hands - Too many hand droppers
  • Loaded position - How and when to get there
  • Contact points


  • Quick/Soft hands
  • Ball transitionB
  • Balance
  • Quick feet
  • Throwing footwork on the "L"
  • Pop times to second base
  • Blocking footwork
  • Pitch recognition for the ball in the dirt
  • Umpire/Catcher relationship
  • Blocking on the V
  • Calling a game
  • Learning pitchers
  • Keeping pitchers heads in the game
  • Being a coach on the field
  • Pop ups
  • Bunts
  • Mentality behind the mask
  • Your team follows your drive and heart


  • Receiving the ball (Ground ball, Thrown ball, and Fly ball)
  • How to work towards receiving the short/quick hop (Forehand, backhand, and glove hand drills)
  • The "Ripken Creep" with a focus on the ball off the bat
  • Proper glove to hand transition with focus on proper grip


  • Develop sound mechanics and arm strength
  • Concentrate on direction and extension
  • Emphasis on location and change of speed
  • Master control of both the fast ball and the change up
  • Work on holding runners on base